e-waste and plastic disposal

E-Waste and Plastic Disposal: Methods to Remove Plastics in E-waste

It’s been estimated that around the world, people generated 44.7 million metric tons of electronic waste in 2016, with the U.S. alone responsible for 6.3 million tons, or 14 [...]

e-waste data security

Data Security and E-Waste: A Growing Problem That’s Only Getting Worse

Imagine you own a treasure chest, and you’ve placed your most valuable possessions inside it. You feel confident they’re safe because you’ve got a sturdy lock on the chest. [...]

feedstock for e-waste

Researchers Link Feedstock to New Methods for Recycling e-waste

There’s been a very strong push recently to promote the recycling of electronic waste, which reduces the environmental problems that can result from e-waste ending up in landfills. It’s [...]