hoarding old electronics

The Top Reasons Why People Hoard Old Electronics, and Why You Should Recycle Instead

There’s a term called digital hoarding, which is sometimes referred to as e-hoarding. Think of it as the electronic equivalent of someone who keeps a file cabinet filled to [...]

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e-waste and the environment

Why E-Waste is Bad for the Environment – and What Can be Done About It

Given a list of places in the community that people would like to hang out at – theaters, shopping malls, local arenas – there’s one place that probably won’t [...]

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Connecticut e-waste court ruling

Court Ruling Upholding Connecticut’s E-Waste Program is a Welcome Sign for Recycling Advocates

In the United States, no federal law exists mandating the takeback or recycling of e-waste, or used electronics that Americans no longer want. But that hasn’t stopped 25 states [...]

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