lithium-ion batteries in e-Waste

Top Reasons Why Lithium-Ion Batteries in e-Waste Require More Recycling

There are a lot of good reasons to recycle your used electronics. Lithium-ion batteries in e-Waste is one of them. Recycling helps protect our environment, lowers the cost of [...]

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waste management

Skyrocketing E-Waste: A Global Waste Management Problem

Waste management is becoming a bigger challenge across the globe. And that’s particularly true of e-Waste. When the first International E-Waste Day was announced for Oct. 13, organizers invited [...]

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Green electronics recycling

New “Green” iPhone is a Good Start, but More Green Electronics Recycling is Still Needed

The time appears to have arrived for green electronics recycling. Last April, Apple announced that its global facilities would be powered entirely by clean energy. That’s a 100% commitment [...]

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