benefits of e-waste recycling

Benefits of E-Waste Recycling: Top Reasons Why Recycling Remains the Best to Solve E-Waste

On November 15th, online retail giant Amazon hosted something unique across the country: electronic waste collection events in five U.S. cities that showcased the benefits of e-waste recycling. Amazon [...]

is it illegal to throw away electronics

Is it Illegal to Throw Away Electronics? Here’s Why You Should Recycle Electronics.

Is it illegal to throw away electronics? As a consumer, chances are you’ve thought this question before. The answer is not as nuanced as you may think. If you’re [...]

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Right to Repair Electronics

Why the Right to Repair Electronics Movement May Help Us Reduce Our E-Waste Problem

If you ever started losing power in your smartphone and fumed that it was only a few years old, you were probably even angrier when you learned the device [...]

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