recycling protects healthcare data

Top Reasons Why Recycling Protects Healthcare Data

Recycling protects healthcare data? Seems unlikely, doesn’t it? Not so fast. Recycling offers more benefits than just environmental protection. If you regularly visit your local medical center, chances are [...]

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national security and e-waste

National Security and E-waste: Why National Security Concerns Could Lead to Higher Recycling Rates for E-Waste

National security and e-waste have more in common than you might think. Here are a few things we know. Smartphones, everyone loves them. First, they tend to be compact, [...]

e-waste and data security

E-Waste and Data Security Requires Greater Public Awareness

This holiday season you should be thinking a lot about e-waste and data security, especially if you’re thinking of regifting a used phone, or making a little cash selling [...]