Computer Asset Management

Reclaim Value! Recover Profit!

Want to extract some value from your company’s older, out of date computers?  Great Lakes Electronics has you covered!

Our Computer and Hardware Asset Management service provides you with the opportunity to offset the cost of office electronics that are no longer in use. If those computers, printers, scanners and copiers are sitting in a storage room taking up space, there’s a much better alternative.

Throwing away old office electronics is harmful to the environment, since they contain hazardous materials like mercury, lead and arsenic.  Your best solution is to recycle them.  Great Lakes Electronics will help you identify the value of these items and reclaim some of your initial investment.

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A Safe and Secure Solution

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Do you have an old computer lying around the house? If you’re no longer using it, don’t throw it out. Keep in mind all the personal information your old computer still stores – account information, passwords and registration numbers for software devices.  Anyone with a cheap data recovery program can recover those deleted files.

At Great Lakes Electronics, we ensure that all hard drives or other sensitive data on old, unused devices are scrubbed clean, and handled in accordance with top industry standards. Protecting your data is something we take very seriously.

Who We Service

We provide full, single-source and complete solutions for just about any organization type or size, including:

  • Large Organizations
  • Small to Mid-Size Companies
  • Government Entities
  • Schools
  • Nonprofits
  • Any organization or company with Asset Management needs!

Companies must find a quick, and safe, way to dispose of their outdated systems. As leaders in computer and hardware asset management, we offer a one-stop solution.
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