Data Security & Destruction

Trusted Experts in the Recycling and Destruction of Electronics

Does your company store highly private data on devices that it needs to dispose of? With data sanitation, we ensure data security and eliminate the risk of identity theft. with our own fleet of trucks and Nationwide service, we are the go-to resource for countless companies and organizations. We manage your electronic waste so you don’t have to!

Complete Data Destruction Leaving Zero Chance for Identity Theft

It’s our mission at Great Lakes Electronics to remove any worry you may have about disposing of old hard drives and the data they contain. We offer complete hard drive and data destruction of all drives with our in-house data elimination processes. Furthermore, we provide multiple levels of data security and destruction from DOD level wiping to physical destruction.

Data Sanitization Your Business Can Trust

Great Lakes Electronics provides the ultimate security when it comes to the data sanitization of personal, sensitive, proprietary, or classified information. We adhere to a stringent process of irreversibly removing data from your devices so that you will have confidence that your private information has been properly purged.

Proof of Proper Data Destruction

For your peace of mind, we can issue Certificates of Destruction upon request. All data devices are handled in accordance with NIST 800.88 standards to ensure compliance to your needs.

How Does Data Destruction Work?

All electronics have one kryptonite: the electromagnetic pulse (EMP). When an electronic is exposed to an EMP, this disrupts the magnetic field that is used to store and organize all of that electronic’s data, completely erasing the data. To add a final touch to our security process, we physically destroy all of the drives.

Conscious Destruction That’s Safe for the Environment

Great Lakes Electronics offers both secure and environmentally environmentally friendly disposal of obsolete and retired electronics. We help you reduce your carbon footprint and give you the peace of mind that every part of your waste is being disposed of or reused responsibly. 

To that end, we make sure our every operation follows the guidelines of the ISO 45001:2018 and R2:2013 Responsible Recycling Standard and the Institute of Scrap Metal Recyclers. Every move we make is made in order to conserve our earth for future generations to come.

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