Data Security & Destruction

Don’t Fear Identity Theft

Great Lakes Electronics removes any worry you have about disposing of old hard drives and the data they contain.

We offer complete hard drive shredding and data destruction of all drives with our in-house data elimination processes. We offer multiple levels of data security and destruction from DOD level wiping to physical destruction

Gain Instant Peace of Mind!

Great Lakes Electronics provides the secure destruction of personal, sensitive, proprietary, or classified information.

We also issue Certificates of Destruction and Certificates of Data Deletion upon request. All data devices are handled in accordance with NIST 800.88 standards to ensure compliance to your needs.

Great Lakes Electronics offers both secure and environmentally conscientious disposal of old electronics! With data sanitation, we ensure data security and eliminate the risk of identity theft. With five electronics recycling facilities nationwide, we are the go-to resource for countless companies and organizations. We manage your electronics waste so you don’t have to!