Electronics Recycling

Superior Service

Whether you have 10 pieces or 10,000 pieces of electronics, we will send our fully insured team of removal specialists directly to you.

We will bring all the tools needed to palletize, remove and transport your equipment. We also provide a nationwide pickup service to help accommodate all of your organization’s branches.

Great Lakes Electronics performs environmentally friendly recycling using de-manufacturing and asset recovery. Components of value are repurposed for reuse, and other remaining parts are processed further for final metals recovery. All items from the de-manufacturing process are recycled.

Once your material arrives at one of our facilities, it will be inventoried, and all company identification and/or sensitive information will be removed and destroyed. A Certificate of Recycling will be issued for each shipment.

Materials Recycled




Telephone Equipment

DVD players

Audio Video Equipment


Circuit Boards

Our Process

Great Lakes Electronics recycles all electronics through a process called de-manufacturing.

During this process, we take all equipment (computers, servers, mainframes, etc.) and turn them into piles of smaller recyclable pieces. These smaller pieces are then processed further for final end of life metals recovery with one of our refining partners.

Most importantly, our process keeps lead, cadmium, lithium and other hazardous toxins out of landfills. Every piece of metal and every toxin are accounted for!

We have a Zero Landfill policy in regards to electronics and no electronics or components that we process will ever go to landfill.

Nothing goes to waste with GLE.

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A premiere scrap metal and electronic recycler, GLE Scrap Metal performs environmentally-friendly processing and recycling of all base and precious metals. Family owned and operated, we maintain a zero-landfill policy in order to efficiently utilize natural resources and help conserve energy.