Server Recycling Process

Setting Up Your Server Recycling For ITAD

Have you considered server recycling for your IT Department’s Asset Disposal plan?   It is becoming increasingly essential that organizations work towards reducing sensitive data leaks. Reducing your business’ [...]

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GLEC Equipment Life Cycle Management Featured Image

Save Money and Your Network with Equipment Life Cycle Management

Over time as technology companies grow, their hardware takes a backseat to software management and the cloud. The costs for deprecated equipment life cycle management and third-party service companies [...]

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Data Security, Data Sanitization & Data Destruction

Most people and organizations are well versed in protecting their passwords and not sharing their login accounts with a stranger– a basic form of Data Security. Data Destruction, on [...]

Solutions to e-waste problems

Top Solutions to E-waste Problems

It used to be noted that the world generates far too much trash that needs to be disposed of. But these days, a major concern has been something more [...]

e-waste facts

Time to Act: 15 E-Waste Facts We All Need to Know

Here are simple e-waste facts that you need to know to be a better amateur environmentalist. The #1 fact you should know is this: virtually 100% of e-waste is [...]

Data Security Concept chained computer

Data Security and E-Waste

Today information is the lifeblood of business. It travels at the click of a mouse or tap of a screen. Data processing is something that touches nearly every business [...]

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How to Prepare your Business Electronics for Recycling

As a business, you’ve decided that you want to recycle your old electronics to reap the numerous benefits that come along with it. Business electronics recycling is easy; you [...]

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e-waste data security

E-Waste and Data Security: A Growing Problem That’s Only Getting Worse

Imagine you own a treasure chest, and you’ve placed your most valuable possessions inside it. You feel confident they’re safe because you’ve got a sturdy lock on the chest. [...]

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thin smartphones recycling

“Thinner is Better” Smartphones Creating Challenges for e-Waste Recyclers

Looking for Smartphone Recycling near you? Give Us a Call or Click Here! These days, thin is in — and that’s not a reference to fitness centers and weight [...]

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Old computers turned e-waste in recycling facility

Analyzing the Numbers Behind E-Waste in Today’s World

We’ve talked before about E-waste, where it comes from and how companies are looking to alleviate the problem. Today we’re going to look at some numbers and facts regarding [...]

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