Old computers turned e-waste in recycling facility

Analyzing the Numbers Behind E-Waste in Today’s World

We’ve talked before about E-waste, where it comes from and how companies are looking to alleviate the problem. Today we’re going to look at some numbers and facts regarding [...]

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office after e-waste recycling full of apple computers

US electronics companies are recycling their E-waste

Why U.S. Companies are Recycling and Reusing E-waste When you think of recyclables you may think of scrap metal such as copper, an aluminum beer can, a plastic milk [...]

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Electrical posts on a countryside road.

The Rise of E-Waste: The Increasing Rate of E-Waste

5G is a term that has permeated the mainstream news as the next-generation network infrastructure that is going to change the internet game. This isn’t entirely wrong either, 5G [...]

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Global Effects of E-Waste Can Cost You Your Health

Effects of E-Waste Can Cost You Your Health and the Environment

Every year, the iPhone gets bigger – so big that people begin to wonder if it will even fit in their back pockets!  All jokes aside, there is now [...]

Recycling eWaste is a growing industry

Recycling E-waste Industry is Growing Worldwide

Did you know that the recycling e-waste industry is growing? The waste recycling market is growing fast as the need for more advanced technology and vital equipment increases. The [...]

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Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Medals Made From E-waste

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medals Made From E-waste

With less than a year to go before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, the Organizing Committee (TOCOG) has finally unveiled the design of the medals that will [...]

What is Environmental Liability?

What is Environmental Liability?

Environmental Liability is the potential environmental cost that a consumer acquires when purchasing a product or service. Being aware of your environmental liability as a business is not only [...]

data liability

Data Liability: Is Your Data At Risk?

To prevent data liability and/or a data breach, you need to make sure that you find the right company who can destroy and sanitize data from a hard drive.  [...]

effects of electronic waste pollution

Effects of Electronic Waste Pollution

Electronic waste, also called e-waste, is the name for electronic devices that have come towards the end of their useful life, are outdated, or have been replaced. The most [...]

why recycling electronics is important

Why Recycling Electronics is Important

With the advancement of technology, companies are constantly churning out new devices. While this influx of new tech has brought about tremendous societal benefits, it also has its downsides. [...]