e-waste and data security

E-Waste and Data Security Requires Greater Public Awareness

This holiday season you should be thinking a lot about e-waste and data security, especially if you’re thinking of regifting a used phone, or making a little cash selling [...]

benefits of e-waste recycling

Benefits of E-Waste Recycling: Top Reasons Why Recycling Remains the Best to Solve E-Waste

On November 15th, online retail giant Amazon hosted something unique across the country: electronic waste collection events in five U.S. cities that showcased the benefits of e-waste recycling. Amazon [...]

is it illegal to throw away electronics

Is it Illegal to Throw Away Electronics? Here’s Why You Should Recycle Electronics.

Is it illegal to throw away electronics? As a consumer, chances are you’ve thought this question before. The answer is not as nuanced as you may think. If you’re [...]

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Right to Repair Electronics

Why the Right to Repair Electronics Movement May Help Us Reduce Our E-Waste Problem

If you ever started losing power in your smartphone and fumed that it was only a few years old, you were probably even angrier when you learned the device [...]

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lithium-ion batteries in e-Waste

Top Reasons Why Lithium-Ion Batteries in e-Waste Require More Recycling

There are a lot of good reasons to recycle your used electronics. Lithium-ion batteries in e-Waste is one of them. Recycling helps protect our environment, lowers the cost of [...]

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waste management

Skyrocketing E-Waste: A Global Waste Management Problem

Waste management is becoming a bigger challenge across the globe. And that’s particularly true of e-Waste. When the first International E-Waste Day was announced for Oct. 13, organizers invited [...]

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Green electronics recycling

New “Green” iPhone is a Good Start, but More Green Electronics Recycling is Still Needed

The time appears to have arrived for green electronics recycling. Last April, Apple announced that its global facilities would be powered entirely by clean energy. That’s a 100% commitment [...]

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defining e-waste

Defining E-Waste: The Top Reasons Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Recycle

If someone asked you what can be done about e-Waste, what would you say? When the subject of e-waste comes up, it’s usually in an environmental context. The image [...]

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European Union e-waste recycling rates

Why Does Europe Have Stronger E-Waste Recycling Than the U.S.?

In the United States, there are no federal environmental laws that deal with the disposal of e-waste or address the environmental impact of tossing used electronics out with regular [...]

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ethical electronics manufacturing

With E-Waste Posing Environmental Risks, Can Ethical Electronics Manufacturing Be the Solution?

In this digital age we’re in, when there are more smartphones than people in the world, it’s been noted that technology has made all our lives better – except [...]

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