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Hazards of Dumping Electronic Waste

Hazards of Dumping Electronic Waste Imagine piles of old gadgets, silently harming our planet. Yes, it’s a real problem: It’s called dumping electronic waste!  E-waste is different from regular [...]

Recycling Office Computers

Asset Recycling: The Correct Way to Recycle Your Tech

What if we told you that your company’s old technology is extremely valuable? Through asset recycling, you can take old computers, hard drives, and other unused tech collecting dust [...]

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Sustainable Success: Tips For Discovering Hidden Revenue Streams For Your Business

Are your stakeholders looking for better results? Are you an owner of a small business struggling to grow? Then it may be time to look for new revenue streams [...]

The 8 Step Checklist for Data Center Decommissioning

As with any piece of equipment, your technology and IT equipment need to be updated every so often. So, it should be no surprise when your servers reach the [...]

Old Computers That Still Work

Obsolete IT Equipment: What to Do With Old Computers That Still Work

If you’ve been in business for a while, then you probably have some experience dealing with obsolete IT equipment. One example is an outdated computer that no longer accepts [...]

Computers Recycling

How Are Electronics Recycled? A Step-By-Step Guide

Have you ever asked the question, “How are electronics recycled?” If so, it’s time to finally get an answer! Whether you are wondering how electronics recycling differs from other [...]

Old Computers That Still Work

Make Room for New Office Electronics: How to Dispose of Old Office Electronics

So, you want to upgrade your office electronics to the latest and greatest tech in 2022. What should you invest in? And, most importantly, how should you properly dispose [...]

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Server Recycling Process

Setting Up Your Server Recycling For ITAD

Have you considered server recycling for your IT Department’s Asset Disposal plan?   It is becoming increasingly essential that organizations work towards reducing sensitive data leaks. Reducing your business’ [...]

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GLEC Equipment Life Cycle Management Featured Image

Save Money and Your Network with Equipment Life Cycle Management

Over time as technology companies grow, their hardware takes a backseat to software management and the cloud. The costs for deprecated equipment life cycle management and third-party service companies [...]

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Data Security, Data Sanitization & Data Destruction

Most people and organizations are well versed in protecting their passwords and not sharing their login accounts with a stranger– a basic form of Data Security. Data Destruction, on [...]