a pile of old office electronics

Business Electronics Recycling Guide

When you think of recyclables, you may think of scrap metal such as copper, an aluminum can, a plastic milk jug — things of that nature. Most likely, e-waste [...]

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The Positives of Recycling E-Waste

Electronics waste collectors offer ways for you to recycle your E-waste in a way that is environmentally safe and reliable. However, why should you make the effort to actually [...]

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how to recycle a computer

How to Recycle a Computer for Your Business

With Apple and other computer giants releasing new technology every year and devices quickly becoming obsolete, consumers and businesses are needing to purchase newer and newer tech more often. [...]

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benefits of e-waste recycling for your business

How Your Business Can Reap The Benefits of E-waste Recycling

With the continued advances in technology, we’re constantly needing to update our devices in order to stay current but when you run a business and need to replace hundreds [...]

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e-waste art

Bringing Awareness to the Hazards of E-waste with E-waste Art

E-waste could have horrible impacts on our environment and, eventually, our health, but some artists are doing their part by creating e-waste art. You wouldn’t expect the word “e-waste” [...]

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how to reduce e-waste

Simple Ideas on How to Reduce E-waste

Technology has improved so rapidly in the past few decades that today it’s hard to imagine what the world would be like without smartphones,  GPS maps, laptops and other [...]

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Electronics Recycler

How To Find an Electronics Recycler for Your E-Waste

There’s a great need worldwide to increase recycling rates for e-waste. There are now more cell phones in the world than people, since many of us tend to replace [...]

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recycling protects healthcare data

Top Reasons Why Recycling Protects Healthcare Data

Recycling protects healthcare data? Seems unlikely, doesn’t it? Not so fast. Recycling offers more benefits than just environmental protection. If you regularly visit your local medical center, chances are [...]

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reduce recycle reuse ewaste

Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse: The Simple Ways to Cope with E-Waste

There are now more electronics in the world than ever. We live in the midst of an electronics revolution that’s helped to change how millions of people live and [...]

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