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What’s the Average Life of a Server?

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash Servers and computer hardware have a lifespan and become outdated just like many other things we use in our business and personal [...]

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Mobile Data Security Featured Image

ITAD Solutions: 5 Helpful Hints for the Future of Mobile Data Security

According to recent studies, 67% of companies plan to continue remote work in 2021. In fact, many companies working from home plan to stay remote indefinitely. So, what does [...]

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data breach security featured image GLEC

Steps You Can Take to Prevent A Data Breach From Remote Workers

Data breach security is one of the most overlooked parts of corporate IT. Time and again, we hear about large data breaches like hotel giant Marriott losing customer data [...]

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Lean-Manufacturing-Tips-Great Lakes Electronics Corporation

Exploit Recycling Scrap For Superior Lean Manufacturing

Manufacturing in the U.S. has had a long love affair with materials research for efficiency. Production ideologies like Lean Manufacturing have emerged to save Manufacturers time, money, and higher [...]

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What is e-waste Great Lakes Electronics Corporation collection

What is E-waste? Definition and Why It’s Important

Table of Contents What is E-waste? Why is it important to recycle e-waste? Is it illegal to throw away electronics? How to properly recycle electronics Data Liability and security [...]

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breaking down hardware asset management

Computer and Hardware Asset Management

In today’s data-driven world, the flow of information and technology is vital to so many different things. From how organizations conduct business to healthcare, payroll, and security, tech touches [...]

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scales gavel law books justice on e-waste recycling

Business Ewaste Recycling Guide

When you think of recyclables, you may think of scrap metal such as copper, an aluminum can, a plastic milk jug — things of that nature. Most likely, ewaste [...]

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The Positives of Recycling E-Waste

Electronics waste collectors offer ways for you to recycle your E-waste in a way that is environmentally safe and reliable. However, why should you make the effort to actually [...]

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how to recycle a computer

How to Recycle a Computer for Your Business

With Apple and other computer giants releasing new technology every year and devices quickly becoming obsolete, consumers and businesses are needing to purchase newer and newer tech more often. [...]

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benefits of e-waste recycling for your business

How Your Business Can Reap The Benefits of E-waste Recycling

With the continued advances in technology, we’re constantly needing to update our devices in order to stay current but when you run a business and need to replace hundreds [...]

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