How To Find an Electronics Recycler for Your E-Waste

Electronics Recycler

There’s a great need worldwide to increase recycling rates for e-waste. There are now more cell phones in the world than people, since many of us tend to replace our electronics more quickly than we used to, and the amount of used electronics getting thrown away keeps soaring.

More and more states, even nations across the globe, are recognizing the problem and looking for ways to encourage people to recycle their e-waste. This is so that the parts within those devices that still have value can be used to make new products at a fraction of the cost.

One thing that can help is by finding out where there is a place to take your used electronics to an electronics recycler. A good example is the recycling firm Great Lakes Electronics Corporation, which has offices in Michigan. They have years of experience performing environmentally friendly recycling of a wide variety of e-waste.

Their team will disassemble everything brought to them, breaking them down into component parts, and the ones that still have value can be sold for reuse. Other parts are used for metals recovery, so that everything gets recycled.

What is E-Waste?

Electronics Recycler near you

The electronics recycling industry has been growing as the amount of used electronics has, unfortunately, done the same.

Technology has certainly made our lives easier, giving us the ability to send emails, check news, engage in social media, find a location with our GPS tracking system, and contact people anywhere in the world, all with the use of your electronic devices.

And technology keeps getting better and more sophisticated; the manufacturers of smartphones and other electronics are constantly updating them and introducing new models. These new and improved versions are so enticing that consumers are quick to get the newest versions and to replace what they already have.

As a result, more and more used electronics are being thrown away at considerable peril to our health and environmental well being. As e-waste gets tossed into landfills, the hazardous chemicals used to make them can seep out into the soil and water nearby, contaminating both. When we multiply that by the millions of used devices being thrown out, it’s not hard to see why even the United Nations has issued an urgent call for more action to be taken to address the problem.

The solution has been to recycle those unwanted, broken or older electronics, and make sure the parts within them can be reused by leading manufacturers. Efforts have been underway to increase recycling rates for e-waste. Today, 25 states now have laws that require the recycling of e-waste, while the European Union has passed legislation to mandate significant increases in e-waste recycling as well.

Find an Electronics Recycler Near You

The one excuse for not recycling e-waste should never be that it’s too difficult. It’s not hard to find an experienced recycling firm like Great Lakes Electronics Corporation and to learn not only about how to get your used electronics to them, but also about the other services they provide.

Data Security

For one thing, data security is another important service that Great Lakes Electronics offers. Like most of us, you probably have a lot of important personal information stored on your laptop or smartphone — including passwords and login information for various accounts, your banking information, credit card numbers, and so on. When getting rid of old electronics, some people simply delete that information not knowing that it remains stored on the hard drive.

Cyber thieves spend a lot of time looking for old laptops and smartphones being sold at reduced prices on sites like Craigslist and e-Bay. The value in them is buying them cheap and then getting access to that personal information stored in the hard drive to use in illegal ways.

At Great Lakes Electronics Corporation, the team will provide complete data destruction of all drives with their in-house data elimination processes, which offer multiple levels of data sanitization and destruction. This is a great way to get peace of mind when turning your devices over to a recycling firm. With Great Lakes Electronics you get the secure destruction of personal, sensitive, proprietary, or classified information and they will issue you Certificates of Destruction and Certificates of Data Deletion upon request.

Large E-Waste Transportation

If you’re a business planning to replace and update all your office equipment, including electronics, getting those bulky items to Great Lakes Electronics Corporation isn’t a problem. The recycling firm has a logistics department that makes recycling easy for businesses They operate a fleet of trucks for pickup and removal and have relationships with independent carriers as well.

So if you are wondering if it’s difficult to find an electronics recycler near you, it’s really no more challenging than picking up the phone and calling 888-392-7831 to request a quote.

How Easy It Is to Recycle E-Waste?

E-waste Recycler

At Great Lakes Electronics Corporation, it’s all about making it very easy and efficient for individuals and businesses to recycle the e-waste they no longer want or need.

This trusted electronics recycler has an experienced, friendly and helpful team that works with anyone who has used electronics to recycle. It could be anything from your old computers to printed circuit boards, hard drives, cellphones, printers, fax machines, photocopiers, and so on. Part of their goal at Great Lakes Electronics Corporation has always been to get everything recycled in an environmentally-friendly way.

Recycling is the strongest method possible for keeping e-waste out of landfills, and keeping the toxins within them safely away from our ground and water. Efficient recycling programs remove the parts inside those devices that can still be used to make new products, giving manufacturers the ability to hold down their production costs by using recycled metals and plastics. The new electronic device you purchase this year may very likely be made from parts that others decided to get rid of and recycle.


At Great Lakes Electronics Corporation, the hard-working staff is committed to becoming strong stewards of our environment, but we can’t do it alone. It’s important for all of us to help increase recycling rates, by ensuring that we make a commitment to recycling any old electronics that we no longer want, and by being certain we don’t throw them out or leave them sitting in a closet or desk drawer.

The staff at Great Lakes Electronics Corporation is eager to work with the general public to make a significant contribution to reducing e-waste, creating a healthier Earth for everyone.

Contacting them is easy. Great Lakes Electronics Corporation has an office at 6635 Sterling South in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and you can reach them by calling 888-392-7831.

There are serious efforts underway today to increase recycling rates for e-waste, and it has even been recognized as a global concern.

However, it’s not hard to find, contact, and get information from an experienced recycling team like the ones at Great Lakes Electronics Corporation.