How to Recycle a Computer for Your Business

how to recycle a computer

With Apple and other computer giants releasing new technology every year and devices quickly becoming obsolete, consumers and businesses are needing to purchase newer and newer tech more often. But what do we do with our outdated technology? Oftentimes, they sit in our junk drawers or take up space in our closet or landfills, but there’s a better way of getting rid of old computers. Here’s how to recycle a computer.

Whether they’re laptops or desktops, something that many of us use every day are computers.

After a few years, our computers tend to slow down, making it difficult to be quick and efficient, especially if we’re using them for work.

So when it’s time for a new computer the questions arise, “How do you throw away a computer? How do you recycle a computer?” With the need for recycling growing, it’s time to think about how to recycle old devices.

Figuring out how to throw away a computer may be difficult and frustrating, but figuring out how to recycle a computer may be even more daunting. This is especially true if you’re a business owner and have hundreds or thousands of computers.

But with an experienced electronics recycling firm like Great Lakes Electronics, computer recycling and disposal is a breeze.

It doesn’t matter if you’re recycling one computer or thousands, you no longer have to wonder how to properly dispose of a computer because we do it all for you. With our data sanitation services, we scrub your computer to clear all of your personal information so that it stays secure.

Personal Computer Disposal

computer disposal

If you have a computer, whether it’s a desktop or laptop, or any computer-related items such as circuit boards, accessories, and charging cords, Great Lakes Electronics recycles and disposes of it all for you.

Through a careful demanufacturing process, we take your old computer and break it down into its various components. Anything containing data or other sensitive information is destroyed and all of the reusable components are recycled. We disassemble electronics into component parts for reuse or metal recovery. With our zero-landfill policy, nothing gets thrown away.

One of the more nerve-wracking aspects of computer disposal is ensuring that you’ve deleted all of your personal information, especially if you’ve had your computer for a long time. Over the years we tend to save our passwords, banking, and debit card information, logins, and more on our computers and it’s important that it all gets deleted in order to protect that information.

At Great Lakes Electronics, we protect your computer data in accordance with top industry standards, such as medical industry standards. That includes the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, passed by Congress to set privacy rules for individual health information.

With data sanitation, we ensure data security and eliminate the risk of data theft, so all you need to worry about is where you’re going to buy your new computer.

Business Computer Disposal

computer recycling

It can be hard to figure out how to dispose of computers, especially if, as an office manager, you have a lot of them. Don’t let those old electronics sit in storage collecting dust, bring them to Great Lakes Electronics.

With our Asset Management service, it’s even possible for your business to regain some of your initial investment and put some money towards your new equipment.

If you have:

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Servers
  • Network equipment
  • Phones

Bring them to us and we’ll recycle them in an environmentally friendly way and scrub all of the data from the computer hard drives.

If you have no way of bringing your devices to us, we will send our fully insured team of removal specialists directly to you.

We will bring all the tools needed to palletize, remove, and transport your equipment; we also provide a nationwide pickup service, so if your organization has branches, we can accommodate them and pick up their devices as well.

Once your equipment arrives at one of our facilities, it will be inventoried, and all company identification and/or sensitive information will be removed and destroyed with our data security and destruction service. We offer multiple levels of data sanitization and destruction from DOD level wiping to physical destruction.

We also issue Certificates of Recycling and Data Destruction so you can be sure your information is gone for good.

Computer Recycling

Whether you have one computer or thousands that are out of date and are currently taking up space and collecting dust, contact Great Lakes Electronics today.

If your company wants to extract some value from your old equipment, ask us about our hardware Asset Management service which provides you with the opportunity to offset the cost of new office electronics by recycling those that are no longer in use.

We dispose of your computer in an environmentally friendly way because we care about the environment. We help you reduce your carbon footprint and give you the peace of mind that every part of your waste is being disposed of or reused responsibly.

And that’s how to recycle a computer.

To find out more contact us or call us at 888-392-7831.